Why European?


Given the fundamental historical fact that the Holocaust took place in Europe, and that the actual Holocaust sites, as well as the memorials and museums dedicated to these sites, are in Europe, it is vital to have a professional organization of Holocaust specialists based in Europe, so as to promote and maintain the scholarly and pedagogic integrity of the field into the future. The formation of such an association is long overdue!

The emergence and further development of a professional European forum will hopefully have a positive influence on the exchange of knowledge and pedagogic methodologies and thus encourage the consolidation of new relationships across national boundaries, and particularly between western and eastern Europe. A formal framework for such cooperation is vital, especially as the number of academic disciplines engaged in Holocaust studies continues to expand. There is also a need for greater collaboration between, on the one hand, university researchers and students and, on the other hand, those who work in a curatorial or pedagogic capacity at Holocaust memorial sites and museums, including licensed museum guides.